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Adventure Flight Training offers expert flight training in Advanced Cockpit aircraft.  Trip Taylor hosts Seminars and flight training events in the United States, Europe and Australia.
 Trip Taylor holds a Commercial pilot certificate with Instrument and Multi-engine ratings.  A pilot since 1978, Trip has logged over 8000 hours and has given over 2500 hours of flight instruction in Cirrus Aircraft. 

- Part 135 pilot and Check Airman
- Cirrus Platinum Partner
- FAAst Team Member
- Cirrus Owners and Pilot Association member 
- CPPP Instructor
- Lead of Avidyne National Flight Standards Team

The Adventure of Learning
The Adventure of Learning
The gift of learning accompanies every flight we make.  The challenge of manipulating an airplane through the sky and safely back to the ground offers rewards and lessons that emphasize judgement, decision making and proficiency.  Flying high performance personal aircraft allow well trained pilots to cover great distances safely and reliably. At Adventure Flight we specialize in training that helps pilots gain confidence using these aircraft to accomplish such missions
Why Adventure Flight?
Why Adventure Flight?
Adventure Flight training believes in the concept of Reality Based training. Our clients have experienced arrivals into the busiest airports in the nation. Many pilots never experience an ILS flown to minimums in actual conditions. Adventure Flight clients have flown in many challenging weather scenarios, including approaches flown to minimums.  

 Have you always wanted to fly over the Grand Canyon, over New York City, the Bahamas?  Train while landing at Leadville, the highest elevation airport in the US.  Do you want to gain confidence in Instrument conditions?  Does the thought of flying into the Washington SFRA make you nervous?  Gain confidence in your decision making, flying skill and ability to fly in all of the National Airspace system.  Learn the ins and outs of the newest avionics available.  Or learn to make the most of your current system.

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